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Jack Daniels Steak Seasoning



Jack Daniel’s and steak are a great combination!

Experience the bold and spicy flavour of Jack Daniel’s Steak Seasoning that’s as distinctive as the charcoal-mellowed whiskey itself. Jack Daniel’s Steak Seasoning is designed to create the perfect garlicky-peppery crust on any cut of steak, it is a true winner with its large granules and robust flavour profile.

Coat your favourite cut of steak with olive oil. Apply a heavy, even coat of Jack Daniels Steak Seasoning to the entire surface. Let stand at room temperature for 30min allowing the granules to dissolve. Place on to your prepared grill or smoker. Cooking times and temperatures will vary based on the cut and the desired extent of doneness.

Net Wt. 291g


Sea salt, dehydrated garlic, onion and bell pepper and spice.


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