Giesser PremiumCut Chef’s No.1 Knife Tree of Life


  • Extremely sharp blade made of special chrome-molybdenum steel
  • Ideal for all cutting styles
  • Good balance
  • In an exclusive wooden box
  • Protector blade protection included
  • Handle made of exquisite Thuja rootwood
  • 20cm Blade

The PremiumCut Chef’s No. 1 is a cooking knife of the top drawer. Due to the elaborate heat treatment in vacuum, the 20cm blade achieves a hardness of 57 +- 1 Rockwell, the guarantee for high sharpness and edge retention. The special sharpness of the knife is generated by Giesser’s professional staff (professional cutting tool mechanics) in several stages. The ultimate finish is done by Master hand.

Tree of Life
The handle is also very special. The handle plates are made of one of the finest rootwoods, the Thuja. Thuja, also known as the tree of life, is an extremely durable wood. Every handle is absolute unique. Due to the finest polishing processes, the wood has a velvety touch, the handle, therefore, is very comfortable and safe in the hand.

But beware! The knife is particularly sharp and should be used with the necessary respect. This special and valuable cooking knife should always be rinsed with care by hand and stored safely (out of the reach of children).

  • Model: 1900 s 20 tol

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